Compak F8 On Demand

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Compak F8 On Demand


The Compak Fresh range has long been an industry leader in Grind on Demand technology.  The F8 Brings that technology and innovation to a large 83mm flat blade grinder.

The large 83mm flat blades in the Compak F8, coupled with its low rpm impart very little amounts of heat onto the coffee, even under high load and thanks to its size can comfortably grind a 20g dose in under 4 seconds at espresso settings.

Its 3 programmable doses, electronic micro-metric adjustment and multiple grinding modes makes this both a practical and flexible grinder for the most discerning of the high-volume cafes and coupled with a handle rest can help with a baristas work load by freeing up a hand during the grind.


micro-metric grind adjustment

grind reference via digital display

multi-function menu with single and double dose

date and time

promotional message,

coffee shot count

burr change warning

password protection to advanced menus

adjustable portafilter holder

refill or manual button

3 position switch with bypass

1900g professional hopper

83mm Flat Blades

610w motor

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