Crem EX3

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We love the Crem EX3. Crem coffee machines are taking design to a new level while keeping the price affordable. The Crem EX3 is an extremely versatile coffee machine. Featuring a smart design concept. It can be easily customized through the combination of a wide range of different options, both external (number of groups, colours and finishings, lighting, steam levers and more!). Technical options include decrease Bar Pressure, Water Flow Speed & Temp and more. 

The EX3 is aimed to suit any kind of environment with an espresso demand, whether it is a small café or a big coffee shop chain. Ergonomics and user experience have been also key on this project. Following Crem espresso standards of performance, the EX3 features CREM (formerly Expobar) highly tested technologies in order to deliver a superior in cup quality.

Standard features on all models − High Group, Shot Timers, No Heat Steam Arms, Dual Pressure Gauge, Barista Lights.
3 Group 2 Group 1 & 2 Group Compact
Width x Depth x Height (cm) 99 x 58 x 46 77 x 58 x 46 55 x 58 x 46
Weight 85kg 62kg 50kg
Power 20Amp 15Amp 10Amp
Boiler(s) Capacity 17.5L 11.5L 6L
Heating Element 4000w 3050w 2200w
PID Control
Group Height Take Away Take Away Take Away
Volumetric with Shot Timers
Group Flush Button
Electronic Hot Water
1/2 Turn Rotary Taps
Level Taps Option Option Option
Cool Touch Steam Wands
Built-in Rotary Pump
Pre Infusion Chamber
Electronic Pre Infusion
Dual Pressure Gauge
Custom Colours/Finishes Option Option Option
Barista Lights
Auto Cleaning Group Cycle
Auto On/Off

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