IMS Nanotech E61 Shower Screen

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IMS E61 - 200NT Nanotech Shower Screen - for E61 Groups

Perfect modification for E61 group. Much better distribution than the OEM plate.

The shower has an integrated membrane and achieves a filtration capacity of 200 µm. It has a rigid and durable design to brave the effects of heat, pressure, and the additional force of locking a portafilter all while working toward a better cup of coffee. The shower screen features specifically arranged holes and a nanoquartz coating that restricts flow, allowing water to well up before dispensing evenly over your coffee all at once for a more consistent extraction. Just as well, the nanoquartz technology adds to the screen’s longevity by fighting off corrosion and makes cleanup easy.

Diameter: 60 mm

Membrane: 200 µm (filtration capacity)

Perforation: 98 holes ø 3 mm

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