Izzo Valexia Leva

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Izzo Valexia Leva

The Izzo Valexia Leva employs a traditional La San Marco spring lever to deliver outstanding espresso-pull after pull. This model delivers all of the shot quality of the Izzo Valchiria, but on a much smaller footprint based on the Alex Duetto  chassis. In our experience, the San Marco group delivers a superior user experience and more consistent shot quality than the CMA group used in many competitor lever machines. The Izzo Valexia is a favourite at Complete Cafe Services. This coffee machine brings commercial qualities to the home or small office. 
Scace tests of this configuration indicate that temperature stability is excellent after an initial pull. Boiler pressure is controlled by a Gicar PID and SSR combination.
Milk texture performance is outstanding with excellent dry steam and perfect micro foam is easy to obtain. 

Get 12 months warranty and peace of mind, knowing that we service and repair all equipment that we sell! 


The accessory kit includes:

Single and double Izzo OEM portafilters.
High quality machined 55 mm Izzo ergonomic tamper
Izzo steam tip kit- 2 x 4 hole in different designs and a 3 hole tip to add to the standard 2 hole tip.


    Vital Statistics  
    Boiler Capacity 5 L
    Fresh Water Tank n/a mains plumbed only
    Voltage 220-240 V 50 Hz
    Power consumption 1750 W
    Dimensions (W x D x H) mm approx 370 x 440 x 800
    Pump no pump
    Weight 46 kg