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Colour Stainless

The Kees Van Der Western Speedster is the ultimate single group home coffee machine. Delivering extreme precision and maximum control. Featuring extraordinary pre-infusion the speedster is visually amazing and technically amazing! The ultimate feature for the home!

Get 12 months warranty and peace of mind, knowing that we service and repair all equipment that we sell!  


filter holder 2-cup, teflon lined
filter holder 1-cup, teflon lined
Stainless tamper, adjustable in height
blind filter basket
container cleaning powder
screen brush
extra group screen & rubber gasket ring

Stainless steel hose clamp.
Water softener 8 L.
Filter holder rest in aluminium.
pump with electric motor
2/ high pressure hoses , 1.5 m.
1/ high pressure hose, 0.5 m.
fitting to connect high pressure hose to washing machine tap
drain hose, inside diameter 16 mm
37cm tall
65cm deep
60cm wide

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