Knock Tube Bag Liners Roll of 100

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Keep the mess away with these Knock Tube Liners. Specially designed with durable material for weight load, these liners are simple to use and reduce the daily knock tube cleaning time for efficiency. Made using recyclable and degradable materials, these bags fit perfectly into most floor standing knock tubes. 

Sometimes when a bag becomes quite full a vacuum may form underneath making it hard to remove the bag from the tube. A solution to this is to drill a couple of holes in the base of the tube, which will prevent the vacuum. Another solution is to tie a knot in the top and lay the tube on the ground. This lets the waste settle on the side, reducing the vacuum effect, making it easier to slide out the bag.

If you're having trouble joining the Thumpa Rod and Rubber sleeve together, please do not bang them together. This friction can cause the two parts to bind together. Instead, apply a small amount of olive oil or other food-grade lubricant to the parts and join together.

Suits Thumpa 860 or CKTL
Thumpa is an Australian owned and designed product
Roll of 100

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