La San Marco 100 E Sprint

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Size 2 Group
Colour Black

La San Marco 100 E Sprint commercial coffee machine combines a unique design with robust functionality making it ideal for high pace cafe and restaurant use. It’s high end feature are aspects that will appeal to both small and large hospitality businesses.

La San Marco’s 100-E Sprint 2 group commercial coffee machine combines an eye-catching, metallic finish with a sleek, athletic design. Robust functionality makes the model ideal for a high-paced commercial environment, while its high-end features suit it perfectly to cafes serving the most discerning clientele. Among the premium features, the 100E series has advanced thermospheric circulation with a pre-infuser and flow variator. As a result, it’s possible to brew successive beverages with different group heads, each with different temperatures, without adjusting the boiler temperature. For further convenience, a semi-automatic setting allows novice baristas to try their hand at the perfect espresso without having to master the intricacies of fully manual operation. Six programmable doses work with each group, making the automatic brewing function almost as flexible as a fully manual brew. 

The difference between the 100-E and the 100-E Sprint model is that the Sprint have 1 steam wand instead of two.


Thermostat-equipped cup warmer.
Boiler with automatic water refill.
Automatic water level control.
Hot water mixer with temperature adjustment.
Lights signaling coffee extraction level.
Programmable water dosage for 6 semi-automatic functions.
Built-in motor / External motor available by request.
Manual or automatic water softener available by request.

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