La San Marco 85E Sprint 2 Group

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Colour Stainless

The La San Marco 85E Sprint 2 Group is a completely restyled version of the famous 85 line, well known for its quality, solidity and reliability. La San Marco’s new 85-E Sprint Automatic espresso machine adds cutting-edge espresso technology to the company’s illustrious 85 line. Drawing on the same reputation for reliable and high-quality functionality, the new unit adds in flexibility and easy-to-use new functions. Ideal for commercial use, the unit is equally well suited to large-scale catering events and discerning coffee bars and restaurant kitchens. Users can opt for an 85-E Automatic commercial coffee machine with either 2 or 3 groups, making it adaptable to moderate and high-volume settings. While even the smaller two-group design is unusual for personal use, it may also be enlisted for private parties among highly discerning coffee aficionados requiring occasional high-volume production. In keeping with La San Marco’s reputation, the design of the 85-E is as style-conscious as it is performance-driven. The classic chrome finish is designed to evoke classic Italian café culture. It also references the 85’s reputation as a rugged and dependable “work horse” within the espresso world.

The only difference between the 85-E and the 85-E Sprint model is that the Sprint have 1 steam wand instead of two.


Available in red, blue, beige, gray, black, or chrome
Built-in motor pump
Optional electric cup warmer
Optional gas heating
Optional cup holder
Standard auto fill function
1 steaming wand standard
Manufactured in Italy


Groups: 2
Boiler: 10l
Weight: 56 kg
Dimensions (W x D x H): 630 mm x 545 mm x 470 mm
Power connection: 3600W

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