La San Marco 85E Sprint 2 Group

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La San Marco 85E Sprint 2 Group

The La San Marco 85E Sprint 2 Group is a completely restyled version of the famous 85 line, well known for its quality, solidity and reliability.
La San Marco’s new 85-E Sprint Automatic espresso machine adds cutting-edge espresso technology to the company’s illustrious 85 line. Drawing on the same reputation for reliable and high-quality functionality, the new unit adds in flexibility and easy-to-use new functions. Ideal for commercial use, the unit is equally well suited to large-scale catering events and discerning coffee bars and restaurant kitchens. Users can opt for an 85-E Automatic commercial coffee machine with either 2 or 3 groups, making it adaptable to moderate and high-volume settings. While even the smaller two-group design is unusual for personal use, it may also be enlisted for private parties among highly discerning coffee aficionados requiring occasional high-volume production. In keeping with La San Marco’s reputation, the design of the 85-E is as style-conscious as it is performance-driven. The classic chrome finish is designed to evoke classic Italian café culture. It also references the 85’s reputation as a rugged and dependable “work horse” within the espresso world.
For a more customized look, users may also purchase the unit in a range of bold and striking colours, including red, blue, beige, grey, or black finishes.For restaurants and dedicated cafes, the 85 cafe coffee machine model is synonymous with no-fuss brewing of high-quality espresso beverages. The machine is designed for easy brewing, maintenance, and cleaning, reducing the amount of time necessary to extract above-average brews from the coffee blends of your choosing. The automatic functionality makes it easy to avoid over- or under-extraction, adjusting the specific flavour profiles of individual coffee blends.
Standard on all models, features like auto filling and steaming make it easy to quickly and efficiently brew espresso and prepare frothed or steamed milk and cream for speciality beverages, from cappuccinos to macchiatos. Adding on to the 85 model’s reputation for no-nonsense functionality, the new edition also incorporates those few selected bells and whistles that baristas most frequently request. Gas heating is available, optionally, on both 2 and 3-group models, as is an electric cup warmer, built-in motor pump, and a cup holder.
The only difference between the 85-E and the 85-E Sprint model is that the Sprint have 1 steam wand instead of two.


Available in red, blue, beige, gray, black, or chrome
Built-in motor pump
Optional electric cup warmer
Optional gas heating
Optional cup holder
Standard auto fill function
1 steaming wand standard
Manufactured in Italy


Groups: 2 
Boiler: 10l
Weight: 56 kg
Dimensions (W x D x H): 630 mm x 545 mm x 470 mm
Power connection: 3600W