Latte Pro Milk Jug - Matt Black 480ml

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These popular Latte Pro milk jugs are now in stock at Complete Café Services! These great Milk Jugs come in a range of sizes and colours, including Matt Black, Copper and Stainless Steel!

Each Latte Pro Milk Jug features a recess on both sides with stick on, replaceable thermometers, suitable for both left and right handed baristas. This gives the barista a unique ability to monitor the temperature of the milk efficiently and with ease. These integrated thermometers prevent risks of cross contamination and thermometer hygiene related issues. The Latte Pro pitchers feature a precise spout for latte art and ergonomic handle, making it the perfect accessory for beginners and latte art pro’s alike.

No calibration is needed for thermometers.

304 Grade stainless Steel

Available in three colours: Copper, Matt Black and Stainless Steel (1 litre Jug only available in Stainless Steel).

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