Lelit Combi PID

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The Lelit Combi just got better!
The Combi is a machine that we love here at Complete Cafe Services because of its great build quality, tiny footprint and built in grinder.  Thanks to its factory installed dual mode PID the combi just got a whole lot better.
Featuring the same 250ml boiler from the PL42EMI the Combi PID (PL42TEMD) steps it up in the performance stakes.  The PID allows you to control both the espresso brew temperature and the steam temperature.  By varying the brew temperature you can optimize your shot to suit many single origin coffees, all of which have a different optimal brew temperature, allowing you to pull the true origin flavours out of a particular coffee.  With the built in 9bar over pressure valve the Combi PID really optimizes your shot quality allowing you to pull the maximum amount of flavour out of your coffee time after time.  Varying the steam temperature will also let you control how aggressively you steam your milk, making it easier to pull perfect micro foam for latte art, allowing you to further refine your home coffee drinking experience.
With its built in conical grinder this little machine would suit even the most discerning of coffee lovers.
We love this machine because:
its made in Italy,
is constructed from quality materials,
has a built in dual mode PID temperature controller
has a built in grinder
makes fantastic coffee!
Seriously AWESOME Specifications
Made: Italy
Brand: Lelit
Model: PL042TEMD
Ideal tamper size: 57.5 mm
Materials: Stainless steel body
Boiler: 250ml brass
Dual mode PID temperature controller (brew and steam)
Ball jointed steam wand
Tank capacity: 2.2 litres
Power: 1250W
Size: 32cm wide x 27cm deep x 37cm high
Weight 12.2 kg
Included accessories
ESE filter basket, single filter basket, double filter basket, blind filter
1 Portafilter
Plastic coffee scoop
Plastic tamper (built in)
So what is a PID you ask??? Proportional, Integral, and Derivative. Basically its a bunch of Algorithms used by the temperature controller to cycle the heater off and on quickly to provide just the right amount of heat to maintain temperature without overshooting.
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