Lexicon Flavour Wheel - SCAA

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The Lexicon Flavour Wheel - SCAA is one of the most famous coffee resources around the globe! This poster is a great addition to any coffee set up, and a perfect gift idea for coffee lovers! 

The SCAA Coffee Taster's Flavour Wheel was originally published in 1995 and has since become one of the most iconic resources in the coffee industry. Over the last two decades this taster's chart has become the industry standard.

In 2016, this resource was updated in collaboration with World Coffee Research (WCR).
This is the largest and most collaborative piece of research on coffee flavour ever completed, inspiring a new set of vocabulary for industry professionals.

The revised version of this chart is the product of dozens of professional sensory panelists, scientists, coffee buyers, and roasting companies collaborating via WCR and SCAA.


457mm(18 inches) x 635mm(25 inches)

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