Mahalia Blend #0 Coffee

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Mahalia Blend Zero is the exciting new addition to the Mahalia blended coffee range. This blend provides a high key caffeination like no other, intense, complex and bold, ready to keep you going all day. Blend zero is made using a unique and powerful blend of distinctive origins to bring you a highly caffeinated coffee that works in both espresso or with milk. Roasted hazelnut aromas lead into rich dark couverture chocolate flavours, which finish with juicy fruit notes and a thick syrupy body for balance. The core of Mahalia’s award-winning coffee is the search for perfection and diversity in flavour through the natural flavours of coffee. Mahalia is South Australian Roasted and uses no artificial flavour enhancers or additions.

Tasting Notes

Roasted Hazelnut, Rich dark couverture chocolate, Fruity finish with a syrupy body

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Carton of 9kgs

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