Mahalia Blend #4

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Mahalia Blend 4

Mahalia Blend number 4 is Mahalia’s strongest blend, styled in the Mediterranean tradition for a unique combination of exotic flavours.

Blend 4 features a bouquet of cranberries, dark cocoa and coffee blossom, finishing with a melding of peppery shiraz, plum and chocolate flavours. This dark roast encompasses a gentle acidity with a long, full bodied finish, perfectly suited for the espresso and fantastic with milk. Mahalia Blend 4 is a popular choice among home baristas for its full body, all rounded taste and ability to work in both white and black coffee drinks. This award-winning coffee is sure to satisfy your taste buds! The core of Mahalia’s award-winning coffee is the search for perfection and diversity in flavour through the natural flavours of coffee. Mahalia is South Australian Roasted and uses no artificial flavour enhancers or additions.
Tasting Notes
Coffee Blossom
Dark Cocoa
Chocolate Flavours
Peppery Shiraz
Suggested Recipe
Water Temperature: 91°C
Filter Basket: 19-22g
Coffee In: 21g
Liquid Out: 47g (56ml)
Extraction Time: 28 seconds
Available in
Carton of 9kgs

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