Mahalia Swiss Water Decaf Coffee

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Size 1 Kg
Style Beans

Mahalia’s Silver and bronze Medal winning Swiss Water Decaf delivers the essential flavour experience of caffeinated coffee without compromising on taste. Mahalia sources raw coffee beans processed with the 100% chemical free Swiss Water Method, using only water and osmosis to decaffeinate the beans. This is a decaf you wouldn’t guess is caffeine free, with toasty cocoa, roasted hazelnuts, nutty toffee and chocolate notes to excite your taste buds. This South Australian roasted, award winning decaffeinated coffee is all about delivering taste and quality in both espresso and with milk. The core of Mahalia’s award-winning coffee is the search for perfection and diversity in flavour through the natural flavours of coffee. Mahalia is South Australian Roasted and uses no artificial flavour enhancers or additions.

Tasting Notes
Toasty Cocoa, Roasted Hazelnuts, Sweet Nutty Toffee’, Dark Chocolate Finish

Available in
250g, 1kg, Carton of 9kgs

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