Mazzer Omega Hand Grinder

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Style Soft Burrs

The Mazzer Omega Hand Grinder is a sleek, compact and reliable hand grinder and the latest addiion to the Mazzer family line-up. It features 47 mm conical burrs made from quality stainless steel. Designed for coffee excellence both at home and on the go. 

With two settings between soft and fast. The True Zero Calibration system provides the user with a simple, ergonomic and precise micro-step adjustment ring complete with a numerical index of the grind settings, allowing users to "dial in" coffee grind requirements. The Omega is a first-of-its-kind, coffee hand grinder that can grind coffee for any brewing method.  Featuring carbon fibre components guaranteed for strength and lightness; the neodymium magnets offer durability-tested performance; and the stainless steel and anodized aluminium optimise mechanical performance. The Omega is the ideal portable solution for those who wouldn’t dream of compromising on coffee quality, no matter where they are.

External microstep adjustment ring – The micro-click system bestows a pleasant feeling of being in control and offers optimum precision and stability for each setting.

True zero calibration – The point-0 burr contact provides the user with a simple, ergonomic and precise NUMERICAL INDEX of the grind settings, allowing you to “dial in” your coffee grind requirements.

Conical burrs – These Mazzer factory-produced burrs are designed to guarantee uniform grinding and excellent extraction results.

Full disassembly with no loss of grind settings – for a complete and easy cleaning of the product.

Compact mode – the coffee grinder’s size can be significantly reduced – when not in use. The Omega features a magnetized handle that folds in, making it a perfect compact tool no matter where you go.

Two set ups available – Soft-grind burrs for less effort during the grinding process and fast-grind to increase productivity.

Ergonomic opening with a quick-release knob to easily load the coffee beans.

Height: 196 mm
Wiidth: 78 mm
Weight: 750 g
Burr diameter: 47 mm
Burrs: 198C fast, 199C soft conical burrs
Body material: stainless steel and anodised aluminium
Burrs material: stainless steel
Axle material: stainless steel
Lever material: carbon fibre
Knob and tank material: anodised aluminium
Magnets: neodymium 2 silicone grips for better ergonomics
Capacity: 42 g of coffee
Cup diameter: compatible with filter holder and AeroPress cups
Adjustments: from Turkish to French press coffee

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