Mocopan Pasquale Beans 1kg

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Mocopan Pasquale Beans - 1kg
Mocopan's Pasquale is an Award winning blend. Judged as Australia's Best for milk-based espresso at the Golden Bean Roasters Competition in 2008. Pasquale is a sublimely smooth and well rounded blend of Arabicas. The unique combination of beans produces a full bodied flavour, coupled perfectly with a sparkling acidity. Pasquale embodies a super rich crema and is known for that rich coffee aroma. This coffee is a medium strength coffee best suited for espresso milk based drinks. The countries of origin for this coffee are India, Colombia and Papua New Guinea. Picked from the Southern Indian Peninsula, Town of Medellin in Colombia and the Eastern Highlands of New Guinea at 110 - 1500 MASL Altitude. This delightful combination is a a favourite of many with is full bodied flavour and chocolate caramel tasting notes. 

Tasting Notes:
Chocolate, caramel, sweetly spicy aroma. Rich crema with a full bodied flavour.