Mocopan Roast 54 1kg

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Mocopan Roast 54 1kg
Mocopan Roast 54 is famous for using the Sumatran Mandheling, which is a grade one, triple-picked and sorted bean. The Roast 54 also contains the Inza bean from Colombia, a Papua New Guinean Kimel and the Djimmah from Ethiopia. These beans have been carefully selected to create a great, strong, all rounded coffee. Roast 54 coffee beans really stand out from the crowd with strong dark chocolate and dried nut tasting notes. This delightful blend has hints of earthy and cedar spice with a well balanced acidity and sweetness to cut through milk well. Providing a nutty aroma, this coffee has a toasty / buttery aftertaste which lasts, sure to please the drinker. 
Medium / Strong
Tasting Notes:
Dark chocolate and dried nuts throughout the body of the coffee with a beautiful toasty / buttery aftertaste. Earthy hints of cedar spice with a well balanced acidity and sweetness. Rich and complex flavours.