Pesado 58.5mm Tamper - Raya

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The Pesado 58.5mm Tamper - Raya is an absolutely stunning coffee tamper that is sure to set your coffee set up apart from the rest! This coffee tamper has been specially designed to ensure you get the perfect tamp everytime. A perfect addition to your set up, and a brilliant gift idea for coffee lovers! The tamper base features a precision machined 90-degree edge to maximise basket coverage, reduce channelling, and ensure baristas get a consistent, flat puck. This design ultimately results in a more consistent and even extraction. Together with the beautiful, ergonomically hand-crafted wooden handle, the Pesado tamper offers a premium feel and quality design for both professional and home baristas. 

Base Material: Stainless Steel
Base Size: 58.5mm
Handle Colour: Wood

Please Note: Do not soak any wooden handles or leave them wet as it can cause splitting.

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