Profitec Pro 400 and Eureka Magnifico Package

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This is one of our favourite high end home coffee machine packages. Bringing you the top quality of Profitec and Eureka, with their most stylish units. 

Profitec Pro 400Profitec have been bringing you some of the highest quality best home coffee machines on the market since 1990, and true to their tradition the Pro 400 is no different. Their highest claim is quality, with each part assembled by hand and manufactured in Germany. 

The Profitec Pro 400 is something we've all been waiting for, featuring a compact heat exchanger, E61 Group head and sleek quality stainless steel design. Designed to fit almost any kitchen countertop, the Pro 400 hosts a small physical footprint with attractive individual disclets in colourful designs for the steam and rotary valves. 

This home coffee machine has a toggle switch underneath the chassis so that you can activate or deactivate preinfusion and eco mode, and allow you to switch between the three preset boiler temperatures - you can change your brew temperature to suit different roasts!

Another great feature about this machine is the adjustable steam power, so you can feel comfortable getting that latte art milk, every time. 

2 year warranty on Profitec

The Eureka Mignon Specialita Magnifico coffee grinder is a superb, compact and quiet grinder, with the reputation of being highest output in Eureka’s Mignon range. Great features from silent technology, to sleek touchscreen control & special “diamond inside” burrs.

The Eureka Mignon Magnifico is magnficent as its name suggests, and the highest output in Eureka’s Mignon range. It comes with 55 mm flat hardened steel burrs, making it an all purpose grinder. The Magnifico is a superior espresso grinder, and its micrometric grind adjustment knob, allows for easy and minute adjustments. Its special “diamond inside” burrs will hold their edge for longer – saving you money on maintenance down the track. Plus, this coffee and espresso grinder, with a height of under 14 inches, will comfortably fit just about anywhere. It can be summed up, as the best compact, quiet grind with touchscreen controls espresso-focused grinder.

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