Profitec Pro 800

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Profitec Pro 800

The Profitec Pro 800 is here!  Time to really PULL some shots!
Did you ever wonder why we "pull" an Espresso Shot???  This is the answer!  
The new P800 from Profitec is an absolute beauty, a technical masterpiece of German Precision and just a delight to look at.  It has a huge 7.8kg Brew Unit, a 3.5L boiler that is PID controlled and the ability to plumbed in or run on tank out of the box make this a versatile machine sure to impress and delight even the most discerning of coffee lover.
Why we love this machine:
Apart from its looks, the lever action on this espresso machine makes the sweetest, tastiest shot of coffee that you can find and if you have the machine plumbed in it doesn't even run the pump, making it almost silent in operation.

Get 12 months warranty and peace of mind, knowing that we service and repair all equipment that we sell!  


Massive lever brew group (7.8kg)
Copper boiler with a volume of 3.5L
PID-control for regulating the boiler temperature
Switchable from water tank to a fixed water connection
Drip tray with about a 1L capacity
Connection to a water drainage is possible
Water tank with about a 3L volume
Low wear and tear rotary valves
Boiler pressure gauge
A large removable cup tray
Height adjustable feet made of stainless steel
Porta filters: 1 spout, 2 spouts, bottomless
Voltage: 230V (optional 110V)
Output: 1500W