Profitec Pro 800 V2

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Colour Stainless

We've all been waiting for the new Profitec Pro 800 V2. Bringing you ultimate control, consistency and quality, this is one of the best home lever coffee machines available. 

Featuring all the quality design of the classic lever machines, with a new stylish aesthetic to suit any space. As usual, Profitec have outdone themselves with their hand assembled, German manufactured workmanship and quality. 

The Pro 800 V2 comes with stunning wooden accessories and accents, and a green gauge, making this versatile design suit modern and vintage kitchens alike. The handles of the lever valves, as well as the handle of the hand lever and the portafilter, have been handcrafted from the noble wood of the American walnut tree. The pine green pressure gauge blends perfectly into the classic design and the PID is discreetly hidden behind the water collection tray. In short, the Pro 800 V2 brings you the best quality, with one of the best designs, where form meets function.

The Profitec Pro 800 V2 can be easily switched from a tanked or plumbed water supply and lever valves for steam and hot water. 

2 Year full warranty  


Simplistic, modern design with high-quality workmanship

Wooden accessories and accents, pine-green gauge.

Massive lever brew-group, weight 7.8kg

Uses 58mm filter baskets

PID-display behind the drip tray to adjust the boiler temperature

Simple switch from water tank to a fixed water supply. Internal pump used when switched to tank, pump does not operate when switched to mains (so near silent operation)

Waste water drainage is in place

Boiler pressure gauge

2 signal lights

green (indicates operational readiness) and

orange (indicates water tank shut-off is on)

Large, removable cup warming tray

Height-adjustable feet


Wooden Handle Portafilter for one cup handcrafted from the noble wood of the American walnut tree

Wooden Handle Portafilter for two cups handcrafted from the noble wood of the American walnut tree

Wooden Handle Bottomless portafilter handcrafted from the noble wood of the American walnut tree

Single filter basket

Double filter basket

Blind filter basket


Cleaning brush

User Manual

Output: 230V, 1600W

Dimensions w/o porta filter and lever (h x w x d):420mm x 340mm x 510mm

Dimensions with porta filter and lever (h x w x d):730mm x 340mm x 580mm

Weight 35.5kg

Drip tray with a 1L capacity

2.8L volume water tank

High-end, stainless steel steam- and hot-water wands

Copper boiler with a 3.5L volume

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