Pullman 58mm Checkboard Nexus Tamper

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The Pullman Checkerboard Nexus tamper is an ergonomic unit with a comfortable curve running throughout all its components. This piece is a fantastic addition to any coffee machine set up with wooden handles.
It starts with a handle made of high-impact classic oiled hardwood. The curve continues through the solid stainless-steel base, and a heavy-duty stainless-steel fastener holds the parts securely together. Precision turned and oiled, the tamper was delicately crafted combining both Jarah and Australian Oak. These materials promise long lasting durability along with a rustic aesthetic look.
In true Pullman tradition, the TrueTamp rings around the base assist in achieving a level and consistent tamp, everytime.
58 mm Flat Stainless Steel base
Made in Australia
Comfortable to use handle made from quality wood for durability
TrueTamp rings around the base to assist in achieving a level, consistent tamp

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