Rancillio RS1

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Rancillio RS1

Complete Cafe Services is your Sales and Service contact for Rancilio Equipment, including the Rancillio RS1. We are proud to bring you the latest and most innovative machine from Rancilio ever. We invite you to come past our showroom and see for your self what everyone is talking about. Bring some coffee and experience your coffee from a machine with Advanced Temperature Profiling.
The RS1 helps coffee professionals offer a better coffee experience by providing cutting-edge brewing technology combined with Rancilio expertise and a unique workflow design, resulting in an easy-to-use espresso machine.
Innovative Brew Group Hydraulics. This maximizes efficiency allowing fresh water into the group head micro-boiler with every shot. 

Multi-Boiler System 

Each stainless steel group contains a micro-boiler and two heating elements, maximising accuracy and thermal stability of the water temperature and group body.

Advanced Temperature Profiling

Accurately controlling the temperature profile of the espresso extraction using Rancilio patent technology  unlocks the flavour potential of each single origin coffee or blend

Variable Steam Lever

Steam pressure delivery features a purge function and two programmable positions per side, perfect for switching between various pitcher sizes and different milk types. 


New stainless steel, weight balanced portafilters with a soft touch and ergonomic grip designed for consistent tamping and to sit flat or stable.

Group head with Dedicated Display

Dedicated screen for each brew group displays a digital shot clock and extraction temperature.

Digital Touchscreen Interface

Allows quick and easy access to all programming via the digital touchscreen.

Tech-Friendly Design with Eco Mode

Easy access to pump adjustment and internal components arranged to speed up maintenance operations. Insulated steam boiler with programmable water renewal and optional low power and eco mode.

Water Buttons

Two water buttons with programmable dosage and temperature levels.

Cool Touch Steam Wands

Easy to maneuver and new proprietary steam tips allow for more even development.