Rhino Coffee Gear Dosing Cup

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The Rhino Coffee Gear Dosing Cup increases your workflow while keeping your bench top clean. This dosing cup ensures that all of your ground coffee makes it into the portafilter and reduces the cost of wastage. Made from quality stainless steel and built to last. Plus, it's suited to most lever arm grinders!

For the true coffee connoisseur, precision brewing means getting every cup perfect each and every time. That’s why using a dosing cup is essential. But not just any ordinary dosing cup – you need one that’s specifically designed with precision in mind. Our dosing cups are made from the finest materials to ensure your grinds are evenly distributed, helping you create a perfect cup of coffee every time. With our precision dosing cups, you can enjoy the fresh taste of perfectly brewed coffee each and every day! So if you’re serious about your coffee, make sure to pick up one of our precision dosing cups – it’ll be your new best friend.

Stainless Steel

50g Capacity

7cm High

55mm Inner Diameter

67mm Outer Diameter

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