Rhino Corner Tamper Mat

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The Rhino Corner Tamper Mat by Rhino Coffee Gear is designed for commercial use and made from durable food grade silicone rubber. It combines durability with a design perfect for commercial environments while also offering additional protection to domestic coffee set ups. Designed to protect your bench tops, this is a must have accessory for baristas. As well as protecting your bench tops, this tamper mat is also designed to protect your portafilter from damaged caused by tamping on a hard surface.
The Rhino Corner Tamper Mat can also serve as replacement mat for Grinder Tray to help keep your bench space tidy. Keeping your tamper on a tamping mat also reduces the potential for damage to the bottom of the tamper, allowing you to better manage your equipment and accessories.

Durable, food grade silicone rubber

Compact size (160mm x 110mm)

Extra thick to protect bench surface

Dimensions: 145mm x 208mm

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