Sanremo Cafe Racer

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Size 2 Group
Colour White

Cafe Services is the Adelaide distributor and service provider for the Sanremo Naked Cafe Racer. We have vast experience with these coffee machines. Having traveled to the Sanremo factory in Italy and attended a number of technical training sessions with the Sanremo engineers and SWAT team.  We have customized the look and aesthetics of nearly every machine that has come through our showroom. We look forward to working with you to get you into the Cafe Racer club and enjoying sensational coffee from this amazing espresso machine.

Sanremo Cafe Racer is a coffee machine born to run; producing maximum result in the cup, one coffee after another. It is a very powerful and reliable machine that is so easy to handle with a versatile and stylish look. A unique high performing machine that will surely be loved by coffee professionals! This machine from Sanremo lets you program every group for pre-infusion, water volume and temperature. For every group, four different profiles can be saved, and the continuous dispensing function as well. 


Heart of Steel (for a maximum thermal stability)
Smart-touch controls
Multi-boiler system
Soft Pre-infusion Flow active System
Adjustable work surface
Easy access to internal parts
Volumetric pump performance
Energy saving system
Available in 2 Group and 3 Group
Factory options include: Naked, Freedom, Black & White, All White, Racing, Dolomiti Black, Renegade Green, White & Wood, White & Wood – Slim, Moto Di Ferro

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