Sanremo Opera V2

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Size 3 Group
Colour Black

The Sanremo Opera V2 started from a dream, which is both innovative and simple. An international group of coffee experts reunited together with the vision of creating the finest espresso machine ever built. The real users of coffee machines expressed their needs without any geographical or language barriers: having a precise tool which could allow them to control and manage different parameters and extraction phases in order to best evaluate each single or specific single mono-origin coffee blend.

Sanremo has organized a superior team starting from the initial brainstorming until the finish line, the Opera… this is a story about us, our experience, determination and passion. High accuracy thermal stability thanks to the Sanremo multi-boiler system with sophisticated electronic boards that continuously control temperature throughout all phases of extraction. Steam and coffee circuits work totally independent to maximize performance in every working condition (also under high workload). 


Programmable via tablet included with machine - Six profiles per group head with independent extraction profiles
Everything under control system digital display to control all the working parameters
CDS system maximum precision and full control on the three phases of coffee extraction
Heart of steel for maximum thermal stability:
- Groups in AISI 316l
- Portafilters AISI 316l
- Boilers AISI 316l
- Steam Taps AISI 316l
Power dry steam silky milk at high capacity
Easy app tablet barista’s app for setting parameters
Gear pump performance high and constant pressure in all conditions
Multi-boiler system high accuracy thermal stability due to the multi-boiler system equipped with technology that continuously controls temperature throughout all phases of extraction. Steam and coffee circuits work totally independent to maximize performance in every working condition (also under high workload).
Opera IST with Acaia dual scales embedded Acaia scales system for a perfect coffee result in cup (*optional)
Control coffee delivery system (CDS) three phases extraction parameters full control (pre-infusion, infusion, post-infusion).
Gear pumps dedicated to each individual group, allow to change the pressure during infusion.
Infusion water display indicates tea and herbal teas water brewing temperature. (in the two-group opera it is shown with the steam boiler display)
Coffee unit single display shows and controls of all the coffee extraction parameters
Mixed infusion hot water for tea and herbal teas instantaneous mixing of fresh water and steam for a better chemical and organoleptic quality
Independent adjustment of the PID infusion water temperature precision setting (gradient ± 0.1 °c with measured constancy lower than 0.2°c).
Steam boiler display indicates steam boiler temperature and pressure. (in the two-group Opera it is shown with the infusion water display)
Electronic pressure switch sensor with 0.02 bar precision that allows the chosen pressure and steam in the boiler to be kept constant in all conditions of use.
Auto-on, auto-off and day-off function programmable on-off timer for each day and/or daily timetables.
Energy saving system insulation and smart energy management to save up to 30% of energy
Programmable cup-heater temperature allows the cups to be kept at the optimum temperature in the most different climatic and environmental conditions.
Auto-diagnosis, statistical data, scheduled maintenance can be scheduled according to litres or number of coffees dispensed.
Professional cleaning cycle guided procedure for cleaning the coffee units
Easy service fast access to the internal parts for rapid and simple technical assistance


    Octane Blue
    Ferro Calamina (Cast Iron)
    Stainless Steel


    Crystal / Backlight (Etched)
    Wood (Etched)
    Steel Oxidise / Backlight (Etched)
    Octane Blue / Backlight (Etched)
    Blackboard Graphite writeable

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