Sanremo YOU

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The Sanremo YOU is the new single-group, multiboiler, professional home coffee machine on the market. 

Designed to provide the coffee world with a taste labratory, compact dimensions, ability to exalt aromas and outstanding performance. With the YOU, YOU are in control, with customisable and storable extraction profiles, 6 standard profiles, enable or disable preinfusion and post-infusion. This home coffee machine provides constant stability thanks to the electronic control of pressure and temperature. You choose between 3 configurations: with tank, with connection to mains water and full with both possibilities. Additionally, the YOU features a volumetric pump, energy efficiency and outstanding ergonomics. The YOU is a highly customisable coffee machine so that you can ensure you get the machine you want. Designed to suit any space, it's small footprint and ergonomic design ensures it will suit any coffee set up. 



User Friendly: Touch -screen display is intuitive.
Quick menu: choose between three extraction profiles which can be accessed with a single touch.
General menu: All functions are easily reachable, including washing and technical assistance.
Customizable presets: Extraction profiles customizable and storable.
Six standard profiles with optimal parameters preset.
Twelve completley customizable pforiles by intervenig in all three extraction phases.
The ability to completley disable and enable pre-infusion and post-infusion.
Real time display: Numeric priority, progress bar priority, graphic priority.
Constant stability.
Energy efficiency.
Speed and ergonomics.
USB port for exporting extraction profiles in csv format or importing new ones.
Available in: Black, White or Custom Kit Matte or Gloss with leather sides or wooden lever knobs and paddle lever.
Version 1: 220-240V 50/60 Hz 2.20 kW.
Version 2: 110-120V 50/60 Hz 1.80 kW.
Version 3: 100V 50/60 Hz 1.70 kW
Steam boiler capacity 1 lt
Coffee boiler capacity 0.5 lt
Coffee boiler resistance power 500 W
Net weight 32 kg
24V Electronics
70 Litre 24V volumetric pump
Full configuration with tank and water mains connection
Cool touch steam wand.
Boiler composition: AISI 316 Stainless Steel.
Fully insulated boilers.

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