Slayer Espresso V3

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Size 1 Group
Colour Stainless

Just landed at Complete Cafe Services is the Slayer Espresso V3. The top of the range machine for the home or office. Combining the same features as its commercial sisters, the Slayer V3 is one of the most powerful coffee machines on the market. Featuring the same commercial head, brew actuator and steam valves as the two and 3 group models, this machine hosts a new touch screen and added elements.

The Slayer is a powerful Industrial Craft-built machine with virtually endless steam capacity. The new touch screen makes temperature management and flavour profiling easy. With a unique, stylish design, this machine compliments any set up. Best suited to the small office or home. 


Dual boiler machine
European Ash wood handles and actuators
Glass touchscreen display
Automatic shot timers
Shot mirror
Hot water tap
PID temperature & pressure control
Personalized steam pressure with PID & customizable wand tip
Pre-heat coil for brew temperature stability
Direct plumb

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