Wega MiniNova

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Wega MiniNova

The Wega Mini Nova "Classic" is a true Show stopper. 
The Wega Mini Classic, is a Semi automatic, mechanical, lever operated espresso coffee machine, only recently launched in Australia.
The Mininova line-up is completed by the retro’ style Classic (EMA) version. Single, fully exposed group head set at the standard 82 mm height (drop from spout tip to lower grid). 

Get 12 months warranty and peace of mind, knowing that we service and repair all equipment that we sell! 

Wega MiniNova Features

Stainless steel construction
Electroplated steel chassis
E61 group head
Heat exchange
Thermo syphon circulation
Steam & hot water outlets
Automatic boiler refill
Single & double portafillers
Available with Vibration or Rotary pump
Available directly plumbed or water tank

Wega MiniNova Specifications

Power: 1300W 
Machine Type: Lever 
Boiler Size: 2 L 
Group Type: EMA Group 
Pump: Vibrating / Rotating in Plumb-in model 
Country of Manufacture: Italy 
Product Weight: 25.00 kg  
1.5L Tank