WPM Prosteam Auto Milk Steam V2 Black

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WPM Prosteam Auomatic Milk Steam Machine -V2-Black


Complete Cafe Services is pleased to bring you the, Prosteam Automatic Steam Machine V2. This new model, now in Matt Black is now faster and more powerful than before. 

You will be surprised just how well it Silks the milk. We were super impressed with the workshop testing and are happy to release it to the Australian market. The machine only needs a 10amp power outlet, water is via inbuilt tank so no need for plumbing. The machine will last all day without filling as the steam uses minimal water.

The ProSteam professional milk steamer by WPM is made of high quality stainless steel ensuring durability and modern appearance. The Prosteam is equipped with highly efficient heater for generating continuous and powerful steam.

Fully Automatic
-Target Temperature can be set (+/- 1 Degree or Fahrenheit)
-Steam Generation will cease automatically when Target Temperature is reached.

Default Pre-Sets
-Set two default options to suit your usage for quick use 
e.g P1 set 45 degrees, P2 Set 57 degrees.
-Short Memory function records previous temperature set.

-40-90 (Degrees Celsius)
-104-194 (Degrees Fahrenheit)

Accuracy and Design
-Create perfect microfoam without pitcher manipulation or manual control.

Self Cleaning
-Short Flush after each use, approx. 3 seconds
-Complete Clean setting to express build up and back flush.

Appearance         Stainless steel body
Water Tank Capacity     0.8 L
Voltage (V)         220 - 240 V/ 50 Hz
Power (W)             1450
Dimension (mm)        L:140*W:380*H:340
Net Weight  (kg)         6.7