Ascaso Dream PID Home Coffee Machine

Ascaso Dream PID home coffee machine

The Ascaso Dream PID home coffee machine is the most iconic and emblematic machine in the Ascaso family and it’s now available in Adelaide! This home coffee machine brings a large range of colours and premium wooden holders for coffee lovers to suit their kitchens perfectly.

Not only does it look fantastic, the technology and design give this semi-automatic coffee machine a totally professional performance. Like the name of this machine, a dream home coffee machine!

Let’s talk about it more!

Thermodinamic Group

Compact and healthy design


Thermodinamic Group

Firstly, the Ascaso Dream PID features a thermodinamic group with PID control to bring you barista quality coffee right from your kitchen! This dream coffee machine uses a Thermoblock boiler, and all boiler and circuit elements are made with quality stainless steel. The PID temperature control system offers a professional performance to let you adjust temperature settings, pre-infusion and more. Additionally, it also hosts an OPV feature (Over-Pressure Valve), which means you can adjust the brewing pressure every time to avoid pressure build-up and over-extracted shots. Moreover, ASCASO also gives a 5-year warranty for the thermodinamic group. What amazing state-of-the-art technology presented by ASCASO DREAM PID home coffee machine!


Compact and Unique design

Secondly, the Ascaso Dream features a small and compact size at 24.5cm wide, 34.5cm deep and 28cm high, and many colour options for users to choose from. This is one coffee machine that you can customize to look great in any space, make it the feature of your home or keep it subtle.

The thermodynamic group is made from aluminium with stainless steel circuits, which means no metal migration in water. It also complies with European standard EN 16889.

Moreover, the Dream also comes up with 5 portafilter baskets, including 2 non-pressurized baskets, 2 pressurized baskets, and 1 E.S.E. basket, which makes it ready to use without buying a huge range of accessories.  


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