Gaggia Magenta Plus

The Gaggia Magenta Plus bean-to-cup automatic home coffee machine brings a brilliant coffee experience for those who use it.  Not the same as other bean-to-cup automatic coffee machines, the Gaggia Magenta Plus offers you a professional steam wand to manually froth milk. This means that instead of getting micro-foam filled milk, you can easily enjoy the creamy, silky smooth barista quality that you get from your local cafe. This home coffee machine gives you more options and control over your coffee experience, so that you can unleash your inner barista even with an automatic machine!

So, let’s talk more about this beautiful and smart machine to see why it’s so great.


  1. Elegant interface

  2. The touch of a button- user friendly

  3. Technology

  4. Home barista experience

  5. Easy to maintain


  1. Elegant interface

Firstly, we love the new Gaggia Magenta Plus automatic home coffee machines interface! Named after one of the most elegant districts in Milano, Zona Magenta. This machine is completely made and designed in Italy to bring you the premium quality and expression of a never-ending passion of espresso making. The black and red interface with a full colour LCD display takes the user experience to the next level. The stainless-steel espresso tray stays shining all the high group lets you adjust the height for every brewing cup. On the top of the machine sits is a 250g bean hopper to keep things simple and fresh. Inside the hopper is the grinder control to give you fully command of the grinding level each time. You can keep things simple or change recipes and beans as you go. In addition to the coffee bean option, it also provides an easy solution to brew different ground coffee blends. On the other side of the machine there's a 1.8L water tank hidden under a flap so you won’t be refilling the water constantly. The new interface allows you to brew quality coffee quickly, at the touch of a button.


  1. The touch of a button- user friendly

Secondly, the new Gaggia Magenta Plus coffee machine is simple for users who have never used a coffee machine prior. All the beverages and cleaning procedures are guided step by step. Just one touch of a button, a fantastic coffee is right here waiting for you! This machine was built with convenience and ease of use in mind so if you’re after an easy to set up and use machine that still brings you quality coffee, this one’s an ideal option for you.


  1. Technology

This automatic home coffee machine offers so much innovative technology it’s packed with epic features! It features a quick heat boiler, pre-brewing function, aroma lid, professional steam wand, 100% ceramic adjustable grinders and automatic cleaning system. So, that’s the reason why this machine is so simple and easy to use with good quality. The quick heat boiler means you will get your morning coffee quickly, and the quality components mean this machine won’t wear out quickly.


  1. Home barista experience

Bringing you the ability to wake up before work with barista quality coffee, entertain guests well and enjoy a proper espresso experience from the comfort of your own home. The professional steam wand gives you a chance to have an impeccable milk froth. Moreover, through adjusting the grinder level, water temperature, volume, pre-brewing, and other functions, you can take your espresso to the next level. This is hands down one of the best automatic home coffee machines on the market.


  1. Easy to maintain

As with many automatic coffee machines, the coffee pucks bin and tray have to be emptied regularly, and the removable brewing unit should be washed and rinsed every week. The good news is that this is a very simple, easy and quick job. Furthermore, when the machine prompts, you just follow the instructions of your machine display step by step to maintain and descale your coffee machine. The cleaning and maintenance time required for this Gaggia is tiny compared to others on the market so you can focus on the important stuff.


To see this machine in action, feel free to pop into our Portrush Road branch for a coffee!  

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