Lelit Mara X


The Mara X’s (PL62X) idea sparked when designers wanted to create a Lelit machine with an E61 style group head – the signature classic feature for traditional Italian espresso. The Mara X is the only heat exchanger espresso machine with dual temperature probes – allowing its user to adjust brew temperature, monitor steam pressure, all while providing the highest possible steam pressure for simple milk texturing!

If the Lelit Mara X is on your wish list, this article will discuss:

  1. New improvements to the Lelit design
  2. Features & Specifications

New improvements to the Lelit design

The Mara X idea sparked when designers wanted to create a Lelit machine including an E61 style group head – the signature feature for traditional Italian espresso. To keep up with current, and new brewing trends worldwide – Lelit have made new improvements to their Mara model whilst keeping the machines original features.

The Mara X has a new inclusion of using a stainless-steel boiler rather copper in previous models. Stainless-steel shows better performances by having a lower thermal conductivity to allow faster warm up times, and smoother heat transfer – ‘The future of coffee lies in the use of this metal’.

Unlike previous Lelit machines which focused more on the steam temperature over the brew temperature, the Mara X aims to give a steady brew temperature to ensure you can get the perfect brewing extraction with minimal tweaking!

The Mara X had been in development with research, design, & testing. In this time Lelit have innovated an espresso coffee machine that is attractive, compact, & simple to use! This system has improved so much to the point that you can create a specialty barista-grade quality coffee in the comfort of your own home! (Stop looking at that tin of instant coffee…)

Features & Specifications


To ensure the Mara X keeps up with a rapidly growing market, Lelit have added brand new features all while updating original signature features so that long time Lelit users remain familiar with this new design!


The Mara X comes with brew temperature configuration to allows its user to choose the mode of use. Equipped with a PID temperature control, the Mara X is customizable and makes extraction temperature between warm, hot, and extra hot to extract espresso to your preference simple.


For the first time ever, Lelit have included a double pressure gauge that indicates steam/boiler pressure & brew/pump pressure on the same dial. The double gauge gives you the freedom and control the pressure levels to help identify the brewing curve from the second your extraction starts until the final drop.


The design of this model is compact, giving you more bench space in your kitchen and with a total weight of 18kg transporting a coffee machine has never been easier! This model comes with an anti-burn cool touch steam wand, a self-cleaning grate, and finished off with a brushed stainless-steel body.

Power Saving

To reduce waste and remain environmentally friendly, Lelit have included a power saving mode aiming to lower pressure in the steam boiler. The use of stainless-steel in this model allows its low thermal conductivity to retain temperature to save power.



  • 1.8 litre stainless-steel boiler.
  • Stainless-steel AISI 316L Heat Exchanger.
  • E61 group head with mechanical pre-infusion.
  • Double probe HX thermosyphon circulation system (to speed up group head heating).
  • Spring loaded professional taps.
  • 2.5 litre water tank.
  • 1300W heating element
  • Internal PID temperature controller.

If it’s a machine with shorter heat up times, silent and sleek, eco-friendly, and brew customization – the Lelit Mara X is the machine for you! The Mara X is the most compact E61 equipped heat exchanger in the world, whilst being the only machine in the world to have a dual temperature gauge to allow correct brew temperature whilst maintaining a high steam pressure. This machine is guaranteed to impress guests in your home, find out first hand why it’s revolutionizing the domestic coffee scene!

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Written by Frank Tomaiuolo

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