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We have put together our favourite coffee Christmas gifts to make gift shopping easy this year! Our selection of gifts includes everything from special gifts to stocking fillers. Get your loved ones something they will truly love.



  1. Coffee Machine

Our first suggestion is the ultimate gift! A home coffee machine brings more benefits than simply great coffee at home. It can save the owner a lot of money they would usually spend on takeaway coffee and it’s better for the environment! There is no need to get ready and go out to a coffee shop when you can get barista quality coffee at home.

Home coffee machines come in both manual and automatic versions. For those wanting great coffee at the push of a button, automatic is the way to go. For those wanting barista quality coffee with latte art potential, manual coffee machines are best!

Theres loads of options with prices ranging from $729 to $15,950. Plus, we offer free shipping Australia wide on all machines over $1000!



  1. Coffee Tamper

For those wanting to get a unique gift for someone with a manual coffee machine, why not get a stunning coffee tamper. The coffee tamper is used to make every coffee so this is one gift they will use! Tampers come in all different colours, materials, weights, and sizes so you have plenty of freedom to choose one the recipient will love! Tampers range from $59 to $225 and make great stocking fillers or special gifts!



  1. Milk jugs

Milk jugs come in a range of sizes, colours, qualities and with added specs. The key to a good milk jug is a fine pouring spout for latte art and quality material. In addition to this, some milk jugs have built in thermometers to ensure your milk is the perfect temperature every time. Milk jugs range from $9.95 to $45. Our recommendation is the latte pro matt black, it’s great value for money, stylish and is the perfect stocking filler!


  1. Brew Scales

If you know a coffee lover, then brew scales are a must have. Like a cake, consistently creating great espresso is founded on a recipe. Brew scales are a key element in ensuring your loved one can continue to create coffee they love. Some scales even have Bluetooth capacity that saves favourite recipes to one’s phone! Scales range from $36 to $368. Our recommendation is the Brewista Smart Scale II for $109. The Brewista features USB charging, a heat proof silicone pad, 4 built in espresso modes and 2 pour over modes.



  1. Barista Shot Glasses

A quality barista shot glass makes a great stocking filler and can improve the quality of your espresso. With measuring and espresso catching capabilities, our recommendation is the Rhinowares Double Spouted Glass. This shot glass is just $14.95 and is designed to catch espresso from both spouts of the group.



  1. Premium Coffee

Australian roasted, premium coffee makes a great treat for any Christmas gift! There are so many profiles to choose from and small selection bags are a fun way to try new flavours. Our coffee ranges from $8.95 to $49.


  1. Coffee Training

If your loved one has a coffee machine, why not get them a home barista course voucher. Just owning a proper coffee machine doesn’t mean that you know how to use and maintain it properly. Our home barista course teaches you to make the best coffee, on your machine, with your preferred coffee. It also teaches you how to maintain and clean your machine to save on expensive repair costs later!

You can contact our friendly team today to organize a voucher on (08) 8338 0600.


  1. Precision Baskets

Although portafilter baskets may look similar, there is a BIG difference between the performance of standard and precision baskets. Particles will always come at different sizes, this is partly how an espresso gets its flavour. Small particles can get through the holes in your basket, creating a rich coffee, but large coffee particles cause issues by clogging the holes in your basket. Standard filter baskets are more likely to have jagged, uneven or even sharp edges around the holes which cause more clogging from larger coffee particles. Precision baskets are designed to have smooth, perfectly circular holes that reduce the likelihood of clogging. The difference in the baskets is microscopic, however your taste buds will be able to see it! Our recommendation is the VST precision range. They are available for $58.95.


 9. Coffee Merch

With something to suit everyone, why not get your loved ones some coffee related merchandise! Available in a range of colours, sizes and styles. Made from quality material, coffee merch is a way for your recipient to express their love for coffee. Merchandise is on the low cost side too! Starting at $25 and going up to $40. 


So there’s our top picks for Christmas gift ideas! You can browse our other ranges here for more ideas.

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