Why do a Home Barista Course

At Complete Cafe Services we offer a range of training courses, including the unique Home Barista Course.

Unlike other barista courses focused on a commercial environment, we have developed a home barista course.

The Home Barista training is perfect for those who are looking to get the best coffee from their home coffee machine. This course is designed to train you, on YOUR equipment. Learn to dial in your grinder and follow the right recipe for your coffee. You will learn about different coffee qualities, recipes, and drinks. This course also includes milk stretching, machine cleaning, grinder dialling, and calibration. No prior coffee experience is necessary for the home barista training, making it perfect for people of all skill levels.


There are many reasons why you should engage a home barista course.

  1. Quality from the Home Barista Course
  2. Getting the most from your investment
  3. Longevity of your machine

Quality from the Home Barista Course

The home barista course teaches you all you need to know. Including different coffee flavours, dosing and recipe optimization.

There’s little point in purchasing a quality coffee machine, only to get bad coffee. Our home barista course teaches you about different coffee types.

We discuss YOUR tastes, YOUR preferences and optimize your recipe to suit YOU on YOUR equipment. This means that you will be getting the best quality coffee possible, from your coffee machine.

We also teach you techniques to make sure your milk is creamy, silky and smooth, enabling you to get barista quality coffee at home!

Our trainer will teach you how to dial in your equipment and keep your recipe from changing, creating a consistently good quality coffee.

home barista course


Getting the Most from your Investment

You’ve just spent money on a home coffee machine, why waste it with bad coffee. Getting the best cup of coffee is crucial to making your investment worth it, so why not!

You’ve bought a coffee machine to get better than instant coffee, so why not use it properly. Our home training course is designed to teach you absolutely everything you need to know to optimize your coffee at home.

You will learn the importance of using scales to weigh your dose, calibrating the grind and extracting the correct size shot to achieve consistency of taste. We teach you how to develop or follow an extraction recipe so that your espresso is balanced (not acidic or bitter). We show you how to texturize milk so that you get a silky smooth and glossy finish every time. We can introduce you to specialist coffee suppliers and quality barista accessories to help you achieve the best possible quality results at home.


Longevity of your Machine

Taking care of your coffee machine is crucial to prolonging its life. You will also save a lot of money on costly repairs by taking proper care of your machine.

Our home training course will teach you to clean, maintain and care for your machine. Including backflushing, descaling and water quality.

Using the correct water quality can avoid scale and calcium build up in your boiler. You can read about water quality HERE. 

By not backflushing your machine enough, you will get a build up of coffee oil and granules from old coffee in your machine. Over time, this will make your coffee taste increasingly bitter, while potentially causing blockages.


So long story short, you have invested in a coffee machine to get good coffee at home, so you should learn how to do that by enrolling in our home barista course. At Complete Cafe Services, we know that most households have at least two people living there, so we offer 2 for the price of 1 with home barista courses. This means that two coffee makers in the house will learn everything they need to know, to make fantastic coffee and take care of the coffee machine!


We can also come to you! Meaning you learn on your equipment, in your home, with your set up!

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