Cold Brew, What’s the Hype?

There’s a new trend in coffee, cold brew. So what’s the hype? And is it worth it?


  1. What is Cold Brewing
  2. How to cold brew – recipes
  3. Cold brewing gear
  4. Coffee for cold brewing


What is Cold Brewing

Cold brew has become a trend, not just in cafes, but in the home. You can purchase it at most supermarkets in Australia now. So what’s the hype about? Well cold brew needs to be done right, to make it taste great! Cold brewing coffee is the perfect way to get your caffeine fix in the summer. There are a few different devices you can use to make cold brew, however we believe you will always get the best results using a coffee brewer.

Cold brew gear

Firstly, you will need a few pieces of equipment to start cold brewing coffee. This includes a grinder that allows for a coarser grind than traditional espressos. If not, your coffee supplier should be able to grind this up for you upon purchase. Just make sure to let your coffee experts know it’s for cold brewing, so they grind it correctly for you!

Most importantly, you will need a brewer. With so many brewers available, it’s difficult to know what to get, and why.

We recommend the Bruer Cold Brew System pictured here.cold brew

For lovers of coffee who struggle with the hot stuff during summer Bruer have come to the table with an Innovative, complete home cold drip that is easy to use, store and looks pretty good to boot.

Cold drip coffee uses cold water and time to make the best tasting cold coffee available by slowly introducing cold water over the ground coffee it gently extracts the flavour of the coffee without the bitterness usually attributed to hot coffee preparations.

This amazing little unit uses, glass, medical grade silicone and AeroPress filters to make a great cold coffee.

Everyone needs to try cold drip and this makes it so easy to do at home that there is no reason not to have one.


You will also need properly filtered water. Water quality makes a huge difference to the taste of your coffee. You can read our water filtration information HERE



How to cold brew – recipe

There’s a load of different cold brewing recipes, and different coffee roasters may have their own recipes too!

As a basic rule of thumb, you will need to understand what brew ratio is. Brew ratio is simply the weight of ground coffee, vs the amount of water you will use when cold brewing.

Different ratios will bring out different flavours in your coffee, and you may need to tweak this slightly to suit your preferences.

Our recommendation to making cold brew that’s ready to service is a 1:15 ratio. 1 part coffee to 15 parts water.

Check out these links to different cold brewing recipes





Coffee for cold brewing

You can really use any coffee for cold brewing, however there are a few important things to note. Firstly, if you don’t get your coffee ground coarser for cold brew, you will have to much oil extracted that creates a bitter flavour. Secondly, you probably want a smoother coffee for cold brewing over something acidic and bold. However, if you like a fruity coffee, try an Ethiopian Single Origin coffee!


So that’s everything you need to know, to get started with cold brew coffee.

And don’t forget, as always, our friendly team are here to assist you with any coffee questions or advice you may need.

(08) 8338 0600 or pop into our Unley or Glenunga branches.

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